A technology that fakes Sunlight

We all have lamps and bulbs that can somewhat emulate sunlight , but this technology has gone a level higher. CoeLux is an optical system based on nano technology to artificially reproduce the natural light and visual appearance of the sun arid sky.

Not everyone on Earth experiences the warmth of Sun everytime of the year.Imagine a snow filled freezing day out, but on the inside we have the sunlight shining on our skin. This is the concept behind the technology that CoeLux has built.


The optical system makes use of latest LED technology to replicate the sunlight spectrum, creating a sense of distance between sun and sky.The system surface is made of few millimeters thick nano structured materials that recreate the scattering process that occurs un the atmosphere and makes the sky appear blue.

CoeLux offers three different settings for their customers to personalize their most interesting one.

CoeLux 60 is suitable for those who prefer the more dramatic slice of tropical light, it offers yet an additional solution in a skylight with cooler, vertical sunlight, and the maximum luminance contrast of light and shadow.


CoeLux 45 is for lovers of Mediterranean basin,a skylight featuring a 45 degree ceiling beam that offers an equal balance of light and shade, est enhancing the shapes and volumes that have historically flourished in outdoor architecture.

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CoeLux 30 for enthusiasts of Nordic countries,with a 30 degree angle beam relative to the horizon.It is a wall window and is capable of reproducing a warm, grazing light.

2 (1)

CoeLux could be the next version of interior decorations bringing sheer awesomeness to the habitat.The system is a great benefit for those who work or live underground or to people closer to the Artics and Antartics.

CoeLux is a result of collaboration between CoeLux Srl, Next Limit Technologies and Ekspobalta, and research partners Griffin Software Srl, ETH Zurich, Bartenbach GmbH, Aldrans and Comonext Scpa.

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