How to close multiple apps in iOS 7?

iOS 7 redefined how Multi-tasking works on iOS. The new multi-tasking view, brings a mission-control style eagle’s eye view of the apps running on your device. And interestingly, if the apps are optimized, these are real-time.

Apart from the new look for multi-tasking, Apple also introduced the ability to close multiple apps on iOS with just a multi-touch swipe gesture. Here’s a quick tutorial on how you could do that.

Quit multiple apps on iOS 7:

  • Double tap the Home button on your device to bring up the multi-tasking view
  • Now, you can’t close the home screen anyway. So if you want to close three apps at a time, just slightly swipe left or right, so that you get a view of three apps in the multi-tasking view.
  • Now, use three fingers, so that they are placed on top of these three apps, and swipe up.

This is how the screen will look like when you try to close multiple apps.

And it’s that easy. It is also important to note that you can close upto three apps at a time, and not more than that.

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