You can use Google Glass in direct Sunlight. YES!

While the Google Glass’ capabilities are unfolding, here’s something really interesting. The Google Glasses can be used and it works under direct sunlight. Really.

But then, there’s a catch:

Two cyclists were photographed outdoors wearing Google Glass, but their headsets are just a little bit different than the others we’ve seen so far. Where previously we’ve seen the little piece of transparent glass sticking out beside the camera, here we see the same shape but completely black. These would work separately from the clip on shades that have been seen already on Glass units, as it puts the shade on the other side of the projector surface. A translucent cover on the external face of Glass would allow users to comfortably use the headset even when the sun is right in front of them, as it would create enough shade for the light from the projector to hit the reflective cut in the glass without being diffused.

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