Google Glass has an Easter Egg. Has pictures of the Glass Team.

Google Glass has an easter egg in it. The device, after performing some actions with the device, shows a group of pictures of its team in the display. And if these pictures were taken with another Glass unit, then the Glass is capable of taking Panoramic pictures.

Google+ user Jay Lee has discovered this interesting easter egg and has posted some pictures onto the Google+ Profile. Here’s how to get the Google Glass easter egg on your explorer edition glass.

If you go to Settings -> Device info -> View licenses, wait for the license file to open and then tap the touchpad 9 times (you’ll hear an audible beep increasing in pitch each time), you’ll get a chance to meet the Google Glass team in an awesome panorama shot!

Glass is expected to make a wider public appearance at this year’s Google IO. I’m going to be there at this year’s IO and promise to bring back some exclusives right there from the event.

This is way too cool. Here are the pictures once you break the egg. These are some of the pictures, you can view the entire collection here.

google glass easter egg
google glass easter egg4
google glass easter egg1
google glass easter egg3
google glass easter egg2

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