Complete Numbers from Apple’s Q2 2013 Earnings Call

Apple made news yesterday post its earnings call for the Q2 2013, for having a strong revenue, but a slight drop in its profit. The report from Apple surely beat the Wall Street’s Projections, in all the categories.

Before we jump into the statistics, here are some of the important numbers to note from the Earnings Call.

  • Total Revenue: $43.6 billion
  • Gross Margin: 37.5%
  • Total Number of iPhones Sold: 37.4 million
  • Total Number of iPads Sold: 19.5 million
  • Total Number of Macs Sold: 4 million
  • Total Number of iPods Sold: 5.6 million

While these numbers exceeded, some of the numbers were still disappointing. And thanks to iDownloadblog for the stats in a neatly represented graphs. Here they are for your viewing:


1 Q2 2013 iPhone sales

2 Q2 2013 iPad sales

4 Q2 2013 iPod sales


3 Q2 2013 Mac sales

5 Q2 2013 Revenue Profit

What’s next? Well, Tim Cook has spilled the bean that the company has got a few more categories to create. And may be that is the much talked about iWatch? Apple has also announced their premium yearly developers’ conference, the WWDC 2013, which is scheduled to start on June 10th.


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