And the Google Glass Kernel Source is here to download and explore. [Update: NFC added to Glass?]

Here’s something interesting. The Google Glass Kernel source has been released in a temporary location on Google Code

Google Glass has been receiving a lot of good remarks since it started shipping to the Explorer edition adopters, and also, there are some apps that are under development already. But then, as many people were wondering, the Kernel Source of Google Glass has now been released, but the description in the source says that the location in which they’ve shared the Kernel is just temporary, and they’ll be moving to a permanent place soon.

The Kernel weighs about 68.9MB and comes in a tar.xz file. This is going to add some more fun to the Glass Projects all over the Developer community. While Saurik has already Jailbroken the Google Glass, I just can’t wait to see what people would do with the Kernel now.

Im currently trying to find something out of the Kernel, and I’ll keep you posted about the finding shortly.

Update: On digging into the Kernel, looks like it has got all the headers required for NFC support. May be Glass is NFC enabled? Or may be, since its running Android source, it has the NFC drivers by default?

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 11.46.17 PM

And may be if Glass has NFC, may be this is how it would work? 😛


google glass nfc

Disclaimer: I might be completely wrong in analyzing this.

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