How Apple actually innovates. [Video]

There have been some deep business analysis about Apple’s success and how the company innovates its products that takes the market by storm.

This video from Online MBA describes the process in a very neat way. And I think the process detailed in this video is completely true. There are three things that the video concentrates on:

  1. Allow others to do dirty work
  2. Wait for the dust to settle
  3. Proceed after looking

Having some personal experiences working with the world’s most innovative company, I think this is partially true. But there are some points that I think the video misses. One thing is that, Apple does some really deep and simple research on the market demand, before it could build anything.

The company actually does everything that it produces, for itself and for its employees and not for the marketshare or other things. Also, when talking about the feedback from the customers, Apple is very keen in looking at those, and they believe that the bugs that the users face could hit them anytime. They work really really hard to track, fix and release a consolidated updates of these bugs.

I can’t talk much about how that happens, but here goes the video which pretty much describes how Apple actually innovates:

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