‘Together’ and ‘Alive’ are the two Ads that Apple aired today.

You know that I’m a huge fan of Apple’s Ads, and you might have landed here for that same reason as well. Today, Apple aired two new ads for the iPad and iPad Mini, depicting the ease of use for the tasks that you can do, and also the powerfulness of the device.

Both the ads depict the rich and diverse apps that are available for the devices, and how the users can make use of the device in million ways.


This ads represents the ease of use of the iPad and iPad Mini. Where the user can perform tasks like scheduling your exercise, educating with the apps that are available on the App Store and much more to creating music on your iPad.

Here’s the Alive ads for iPad:


The second ad that Apple aired today is Together. The ad depicts the enjoyment that people get when they start using the iPad with the 800,000 apps which are available in the App Store.

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