LG invites Press to ‘See the Difference’ at MWC 2013.

LG has invited the Press for an event at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2013 on 25th February. The press invite shows the number 4, which hints that the company is all set to unveil 4 new devices.

LG has been doing a lot off late, and they had a great 2012. But now, the company is all set to kick start the year with its announcements at MWC 2013. LG’s invite does not convey anything more, but it has got a text at the bottom, which says See the Difference. This could be a hint that LG would be including some new technologies into the devices, which they’ve already been using in their TVs.

This event at MWC 2013 would be very important for the company to take its place as the leading mobile manufacturer. LG has also released a video before, hinting at unlimited possibilities at MWC 2013. A super cool and powerful device, that could kick out the Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, would push the company forward in the mobile space.

We will be there to exclusively cover the event from Mobile World Congress 2013. Stay tuned.

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