How to clean uninstall Ubuntu on your Nexus and revert back to Android?

We recently saw how to install Ubuntu Touch developer preview on your Nexus device, and now, we will take a look at how to uninstall or remove Ubuntu cleanly from your Nexus device and revert back to the Android ROM which came out with your Nexus device.

If you are one of those who installed Ubuntu Touch developer preview out of excitement on your primary device, and if you are facing problems with the new build and would want to revert it back to Android that came out with your device, here’s how to do so.

The steps are pretty simple, and I’m not sure if this would leave the Bootrom unlocked after switching back to the stock Android version.

Rollback to Android from Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview:

Note: As advised during installation, you’ll have to remember the Build number of your Android, to roll back to Android.

  1. Make sure your devices’ battery is fully charged and you’ve got sufficient amount of battery backup on your Ubuntu laptop.
  2. Download the Image of your stock Android for your device.
  3. Now, extract the download and place it on your Desktop.
  4. Open up Terminal, and navigate to the directory to which you extracted the Android build.
  5. In Terminal, type the following code:
    adb reboot-bootloader
  6. Once done, run the following command:
  7. And boom, you’ll be done after seeing a lot of progressbars and other codes that would be running on your Android device.

Image Via: Droid Life

  • Gideon De Marcas

    how do i do this when i cant boot my device into bootloader and my device isnt an neuxes

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