Complete guide to fix iOS 6 WiFi Greyed Out issue on iPhone or iPod Touch.

Apple’s iOS 6 was a really good update for the mobile devices, with deeper iCloud integration and much stronger security features. But then, for some users who wanted to get their hands-on with the iOS 6 once it was released to the public, they were in deep trouble. And that was caused by the Greyed Out WiFi option problem.

Today, we’re going to look at why this could have occurred and how the bug can be killed by yourselves. Let me jump right into the topic now.

What happened?

Let me tell you my story here. When I got an iPhone 4S from Singapore, I was pretty happy about everything, right from the White color, to the speed to every single thing. And immediately, I wanted to activate the device, and start getting my hands-on with it. So, when I opened the seal cover, and took out the iPhone 4S out of the box, and powered it on, I was surprised to see a new activation method, instead of the regular method, that would ask you to choose the WiFi network options and other stuff.

The iPhone 4S wanted me to connect to the iTunes on a computer to activate the device. I did. Once I was in the homescreen, I went on to switch the WiFi connection to ON under Settings > WiFi > ON. But wait, something weird was waiting for me. The WiFi – ON option was greyed out (You can call it Dimmed out or Disabled too). I was actually clueless on seeing this, and I was not allowing my mind to believe that this could be a hardware problem.

So, here are some of the tricks that I thought would work. And this post would be an aggregation of the tips from across the internet.

Solution #1: The Apple Way

The first method that would would want to try, is the official solution that Apple has recommended for this bug. Let’s see what it is now, and how to follow this method:

  1. Check whether your Airplane Mode is turned OFFwifi fix - airplane mode off
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Reset the Network Settings
  4. Upgrade your device. Here’s a complete through guide for upgrading your iOS device. While upgrading or reinstalling the OS, do it as a new device, instead of restoring from the backup.
  5. Reset Network Settings. Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

These 5 steps might solve your WiFi issue. But then, if none of the above works for you, welcome. We are on the same boat. Now, let’s try out some crazy new methods.

Note: These methods have actually worked for a lot of people across the world. Any damage caused to your device is not my responsibility.

Solution #2: The Freezer Way

Yes! I really mean the Fridge’s Freezer unit. This is probably one of the most craziest method I’ve ever come across in my life to solve a bug. Here’s what you need to do to try this method:

  1. Switch Off your phone completely 
  2. Place the phone inside a Zip-Lock bag
  3. Place the Zip-Lock bag which has the phone in it, inside the Freezer unit of your Fridge.
  4. Leave the phone for over 20 mins.
  5. Now, take out the phone, let it come down to the room temperature.
  6. Switch ON the phone.
  7. Go to Settings > WiFi > ON.

It should work just like that. I tried this method multiple times, but my phone was so stubborn that it was not selling itself for this method to enable WiFi.

Solution #3: The Hair Dryer Way

Just like how we exposed the phone to freezing temperatures, this method is another crazy one, in which we have to expose it to the hotter temperature. Here’s what you need to do. I’m seriously not sure why and how this works. But it has just worked out for so many people.

  1. Switch Off the phone.
  2. Now, Put the phone on the table with the Rear panel facing you (Top)
  3. Take out your Hair Dryer, and place it to the hottest temperature.
  4. Now, blow the Hair Dryer’s Hot air on the phone’s rear, right below the headphone jack.
  5. Let the phone heat up for 3 minutes.
  6. Now, Let the phone come down to Room Temperature.
  7. Switch ON the phone and check if the WiFi works.

I know. This is utter Crazy. But this method worked for so many people.

These are the three main solutions that fixed many people’s WiFi Greyed Out problem. But I’m still on the same situation, where the WiFi is greyed out completely. I’m working on to solve this issue. I’ll update this post as and when I find some solution.


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