Azim Premji commits half of his wealth to charity, becomes first Indian to do so

Azim Premji, Wipro’s Founder and Chairman made an act that has made all of us proud. Today, he committed ‘The Giving Pledge’, with which he donated about half of his wealth to the welfare cause.

Wipro is one of the largest organizations in India, and the organization’s one and only Founder, Mr. Azim Premji just became the first Indian to pledge half of his wealth to the charity. The business tycoon has already donated about 8.7 percent of the total stock of Wipro from his personal portfolio. The amount sums up to Rs. 9,000 crores.

Azim Premji’s wealth is estimated to be Rs. 87,000 crore and a sizable chunk of this would be used to improve the society. There are very few who would be dare to do such an act for India, and we think this man needs a standing ovation now. The tech world can often be a fickle but in times like these great men such an Azim Premji shine the light and lead us, the people of India, into pastures greener.

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