App Light: Glovebox for Android

We all know by this time that the Ubuntu Phone is fast approaching the market, and the developer preview is going to be seeded this 21st. But then, there are some features that the Ubuntu Phone brings which even Android or iOS have even thought of. One such feature is the side panel navigation on the phones. If you need to switch or open some of your favorits apps, all you need to do is just edge swipe from left to right on your smartphone, and it would bring up a small panel, letting you choose the apps that you favorited.

Now, the Android users does not have to worry. If you are an Android user, and would like to have such a edge swipe feature to open new apps, then Glovebox for Android is your best bet. The app tries to simulate the same feature that the Ubuntu Phone brings, with different themes and the ability to pin some of the widgets.

The apps has got two versions, one is the free version, which lets you add the apps that are installed on your device. And there’s also a premium version of the app, which comes for a $3.83 (Yes! Thats 3.83), which lets you add widgets and also get additional themes for the side panel. There’s one another feature which I liked in the app. Which is adjusting the sensitivity of the side panel. As in when it could pop out from the sides.

On the other hand, the app is a little buggy. I experienced a bug which will not let me launch an already opened app. But then, it was forgivable. And I hope the developers would fix it with the next update.

That’s if for now. And just head to the Play Store to get the app on your Android device. Let us know what you think.

Download: Glovebox for Android

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