Tim Cook, Phil Schiller visit China on an official trip. And here are some candid pics of the CEO

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook and Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller are on a trip to China to talk to some of the retailers, and also the country’s Industry and Information Technology Minister, Miao Wei.

It was Steve Jobs who kept himself away from his trips to China, but not Tim Cook. Now, the Apple’s CEO, is making yet another official visit to the country in less than 10 years. The visit is said to finish off some scheduled meetings, which might revolve around developing the China’s IT industry and other technology related issues that’s prevailing in the country.

This is not all, there’s also a speculation that the company is set to partner with China’s leading mobile service provider, China Mobile. And also, just like how Tim Cook did earlier, he might also be visiting the Foxconn Factory this time around.

Even though these visits are official, the company’s CEO managed to visit some of the major retail stores in the country, and also took time to pose for some pictures with the fans and other people. Here are the pics:

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