Report: Largest Online Project Hosting site, Github, blocked in China

Github is one of the world’s largest online code and SVN site that a lot of developers and hackers use to host their code, has now been faced off from China. The website is no more accessible from the country.

China, which is known for blocking some of the major websites, like Google, has now gone after the code sharing site, Github. The news broke in a Hacker News thread, and the comments in the thread has confirmed about the blockage. While this may be temporary, there are no signs of the site coming back soon again, or there are no official announcements from the country about this ban.

Major internet players like Google, Twitter and many other social sites have seen trouble living in China. But blocking access to Github is something new to us. We’ve reached out to even more folks in China about this, to see if we could get some more information about the ban. We’ll keep you posted about the issue as and when we hear from the citizens of China.

Image Via: ipom/Flickr

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