CHARLI-2 robot dances like PSY for Gangnam Style

CHARLI-2, a robot made by RoMeLa is capable of dancing like Korean Pop Star, PSY for his ultra-famous song, Gangnam Style. And we must admit, it dances really well. Interestingly, it has also won the 2011 best invention of the year award.

We all know that Robots are powerful. And we have also seen a lot of Ashimos which dance for songs. But today, here’s CHARLI, which dances like the Korean pop sensation, PSY for his super hit song, Gangnam Style. Right from the hand movements to the leg movements, the robot, CHARLI is able to pull it off like PSY.

RoMeLa is the company that has made this robot with a lot of sensors and brilliantly written algorithm. This is the second in the CHARLI series robots from RoMeLa. This is not all, the new robot is capable of playing autonomous soccer games for the robots. CHARLI-2 also has received some awards like 2011 best invention of the year. 

Ok, let’s get rolling. Here’s the video of CHARLI-2 dancing like PSY for Gangnam Style:

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