Breaking: Google open-sources Sparrow for iOS and Mac, soon after acquisition!

Google, which acquired Sparrow email client for iOS and Mac has now been open-sourced! The app is now available for the public to build their own personal email client!

Sparrow, which was one of my most loved email client on the Mac and iPhone, has now been open-sourced to the public. The email client was acquired by Google a few weeks back, to bring a better Gmail experience to its customers, killing the beautiful email client, and the team is now working for Google under their instructions!

And today, Google (Sparrow in this case) has announced that they are open sourcing their source code to the public for personal use. And the app is free for development by any developer to make the wounded app fly again! The license, which has been posted on the website states:

  1. You may download those files only for your own use. Customer may not redistribute any work based on those files.
  2. Reverse Engineering only for debugging purpose. Customer may not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the binary files (.a/.o files), nor attempt in any other manner to obtain the source code. Reverse engineering is only allowed for the purpose of debugging the modifications the Customer is doing in #1.

It still feels hard to see the app die. We’d now try our maximum possible to get out own version of the app! RIP Sparrow! Your soul is still alive!

Source: Sparrow / TNW

  • rerouse

    There is no source for Sparrow itself. They didn’t open source anything unfortunately.

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