Exclusive: Sparrow email client for Windows was in development! Was killed after acquisition!

Sparrow for Windows was actually in development by a Windows Developer, but the app has now been killed since Google has acquired the company!

An enthusiastic Windows application developer, who got the project to develop Sparrow for Windows has reported his disappointment about the acquisition today in his blog. The developer, Panos Tsimpoglou, has said that he was very happy about the progress that Sparrow was making, but the Windows app had to be halted due to the acquisition!

The developer had tried to mimic the Mac app on Windows making it gorgeous on Windows and Panos has also revealed some information about the app’s progress. He says that the app was closing in for a beta launch this month:

“We shook hands and we said we were gonna meet again in June/July for the final details. I would be almost finished by then and we would put out a Beta version to test with the public. I had asked specifically if the branding would be the same and that there would be no weird distinctions for the Windows app. We agreed that you were gonna go to sprw.me and if you had a Windows device you would get Sparrow for Windows. That simple.”

Panos also said that it was really sad to see Sparrow die due to this acquisition:

“This is a sad day for all the users who thought this could be a big or maybe the next big thing. Including me.”

But he has also answered one important question. Will Sparrow for Windows still come out with another name?

“Well I guess it’s a Beta app of a dead brand. Who knows? Maybe OpenSource it. Rebranding it seems such a big task and I am truly tired of making great apps for.. me. If nothing happens and it stays with me, I may try to gut it, simplify it(because yes, Sparrow is bloated, trust me, french-bloat), re-imagine what Email could be(unread? so passe), and put it out for my (and maybe your) pleasure.”

Now, that’s pretty interesting! We’ll have to wait until the developer sits on a firm decision about releasing the app with a different name for Windows.

Here are some of the videos which confirm this:

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