Steve Woz opens up (again) about Siri and the Retina MacBook Pro!

Here’s an interesting quote from Steve Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple, commenting about Siri’s features and the new Retina Display MacBook Pro!

Steve Woz is a man who just speaks up what comes to his mind. And in one such act, he told that he was disappointed with Siri’s integration and the way it responded to queries in iOS6. The first geek, also said that Siri did a better job when it was a stand-alone app, before Apple acquired the company.

But today, adding fire to this topic, Steve Wozniak commented on an unhappy customer’s response to the new Retina MacBook Pro on Facebook:

Here’s what the Steve Woz wrote:

Now I’m worried about my new MacBook Pro. I thought Andy was upset about the Mac Pro, not the MacBook Pro. I will have to see this new MBP to see how the screen looks. I hate the reflective screens and only have antiglare 17″ ones so far. What bothers me most about SIRI is that real questions come up all the time for myself and friends. When we try to get answers using SIRI it’s usually disappointing. Sometimes SIRI surprises us and that’s great. But almost every time that we start repeating our query to SIRI and changing keywords, after getting frustrated we ask the normal human question in about any valid form to our Android phone and almost always get right to the answer we want. This happened twice at dinner tonight (one was trying to find out what the predators of termites were, the other about something just as simple and normal). i hate having to say over and over “it just works” for the Android phones. Despite the fact that I’m an iPhone person, many of my close friends have chosen Android models in recent months/years. At least, tonight, I did manage to demonstrate how you can get some answers by saying “Wolfram Alpho”. By the way, the SIRI failures almost always turn up a lot of links that are about sales of one type of junk or another that have a word in common with your search query but nothing more. And Tim’s demo of SIRI making reservations? I was doing that a year and a half ago or more, with SIRI, before Apple owned it. Tim made it look new. Of course, it only works for restaurants using Open Table, but it’s a very nice feature of SIRI, in fact the first feature that made me start to become a huge fan of SIRI, speaking all over the world about how it was the future of mobile computing, well before Apple even bought SIRI. Some of the things it did well before Apple bought SIRI seemed to get commercial and crappy right after Apple bought them, well before delivering SIRI as part of iOS. What went wrong?

Another thing struck me as something that would offend the normal sensibilities of Apple associated with Steve Jobs. Apple introduced the new AirPort Express. It sounds like a replacement but I’m not sure. It has the features of the AirPort Extreme but isn’t called ‘Extreme’. I ordered a few of these new AirPort Express’s right away to have the ones I depend on, at home and on the road, up to date. Due to Apple Store website collapsing right after keynotes I order fast and get out and then go back to inspect the features. What I like more than anything about my prior AirPort Express’s is that they plug directly into a wall socket, with built-in prongs and adapter, if you choose. This makes them very mobile rectangular shapes in my tech backpack. I see that this new model sits external with a power cord needed, like the AirPort Extreme. Plus, it has 2 ethernet ports. You need one in for a hotspot, but a second one is only to supply ethernet to some other devices. This does make sense in settings I can think of but seems counter to Apple stripping ethernet off new laptops in this wifi era. The dual ethernet port is counter to this ‘into the future’ thinking that has become a big part of Apple’s strategy and goodness.

Without having seen the screen (reflectivity) I thin the new MBP is a very good example of what Apple does well, which is finding the right balance and simplicity and completeness in a product (I wish people could find that in themselves). For example, very seldom do very few of us need the DVD drive. So having a very nice attractive external one is a better choice. That way, those of us who seldom need it aren’t burdened by having the thicker laptop. And the retina display resolution is a good compromise to a larger display. I have found that even though characters get smaller, they are still rather readable when the resolution is good.

While these look interesting, Steve Woz seems to be convinced with the new MacBook Pro and also the AirPort Extreme. But he is still unhappy about the Siri’s performance in iOS6.

Incase you missed, he also says: “‘it just works’ for Android.” 

Image Source: Time

  • kroneage

    Steve Jobs certainly had more than a fair share of haters over his own arrogance and ignorance of where most of his ideas came from. Not from himself that’s for sure. The Woz was the whole reason Apple ever became a success. Plus the Woz never failed to be honest about everything he’s involved in. Like Steve Jobs more than a little anxious to burn the Woz for his fair share of the money. When it was the Woz that was actually the Wiz in Apple’s Oz! 

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