How to Access Google Drive without Internet on your Windows or Mac Machine! [Google Drive HowTo]

Here’s a quick tutorial on How you could access Google Drive, without internet connection (Offline Access) on your Mac or Windows machine.

Google launched the Google Drive, a cloud storage platform to help the enterprise and normal users to seamlessly access their files across locations with ease. And the company also launched an Android, Mac and Windows app for the users, while the iOS app is on the way.

The Google Drive offers a 5GB of free storage on their servers for each user. Ok, so the service is good and you’ve signed up for it and have been syncing with the servers. But what if you are out of Internet, but still want to access the files offline? Well, there’s a way for that.

Fortunately, Google has made an mod for Chrome that would automatically make your files available offline. The Offline access also allows you to view and edit the documents stored on the Google Drive and they get automatically synced when connected online. So, here’s how you could get Google Drive work Offline!

How to access Google Drive Offline:

  1. You must have Google Chrome installed. If you haven’t installed Chrome, grab a copy of the browser here.
  2. Fireup Google Chrome and access
  3. Now, Click on the Gear icon on the top right of your Google Drive page and Click on Set up Docs Offline option.
  4. Now, Click on Allow Offline Docs option and Click on Install from Chrome Web Store button.
  5. Now, click on Install on the Chrome Web Store and this would install the Gear that Chrome requires for Offline Access.
  6. That’s it. This would enable Google Drive for Offline viewing.

There are still some files types that cannot be access in Offline Mode. But still, this is an advantage if you are a frequent flyer who depend on Google Drive for editing your documents.

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