Rare set of pictures of Steve Jobs from 1984 with his Macintosh team!

Here’s a collection of photos of Steve Jobs himself with his Macintosh team from the year 1984. This man still deserves a lot of tribute.

Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple, and the guy who revolutionized the technology industry is undoubtedly a visionary. One look into his eye, and you’re lost into his reality distortion field. These photos depict the exact characteristic that he is know for. Norman Seeff, feels that There’s a slight Mona Lisa quality to that knowing smile.

Each and every photo Steve Jobs that came out had a clear message that he is destined to change the world. These pictures are from Norman Seeff, the photographer who clicked these pics and he is now selling these printed copies over to us for $125 for a signed copy and $75 for an unsigned one.

I just ordered mine to have these pics in my desk and I don’t think we will ever get tired of reading the tributes to Steve Jobs. Here are the pictures for you:

  • uk_ramprasad

    We miss u Steve….

    •  @uk_ramprasad We will definitely miss him. But his legacy will live on! 

  • Steve is only one to introduce ipads( tablets) its now a new trend. hats off Steve

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