Analytiks for iPhone is a beautifully crafted Google Analytics client!

Analytiks for iPhone is a very beautiful iPhone client for Google Analytics aimed to provide useful statistics to the bloggers. The app costs $0.99 and is worth every penny we spend on this app.

Analytiks for iPhone has been around for sometime, but I don’t think the app has got the applause it needs among the iOS crowd. The app, which is designed and developed by Trio, a Greek Developer is really awesome and lives up to the standards of the design that fits iOS.

Analytiks is the wonderful way of getting the analytics data from your Google Analytics account. The app shows all the relevant data that a blogger needs at a glance. The app displays if your blog is performing good or not with the help of the visitor’s count, by displaying a scratched metal message, that reads, Write something and so on.!

Whats’ more amazing about the app is that, when you turn your device to landscape, the app shows a graph of your blog’s performance for the past week. Which you could extend to even a month. Double tapping the app anywhere when in portrait mode reveals the stats in graph more. The info graph is lit with some interesting light effects and looks really beautiful. Double tap the info graph, and it would reveal the number of views of that day.

With just a glance, you could get all the information about the top browsers, top platforms, top operating systems that hit your website. The app is available for just $0.99 at the app store. If you’d ask me what app to use to get data from Google Analytics, then my only choice for you would be Analytiks for iPhone!

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