How to Install Android 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod) on HP TouchPad!

Install CyanogenMod7.1 Alpha 3 Android 2.3.7 on the HP TouchPad. The build is not too buggy and is usable for day-to-day usage. Here’s how you could install it. 

CyanogenMod, a custom build of Android OS, can now be installed on the HP TouchPad, instead of WebOS. The developers behind the custom version released a Alpha build of the build recently. The build runs Android 2.3.7 with some bugs. But those bugs are not to be worried about for day-to-day use.

Before we can go ahead with the installation, please make sure you have a backup of your data. There are some bugs which I have listed here. If you think some bugs would not let you use the device for regular use, I recommend you to stay away from this for the moment. But as the build improves, these would be fixed and you could get Android CyanogenMod fully working without any hinderance.


  • Last prominent form of “sleep of death” fixed
  • Webkit backing store(smoother scrolling)
  • Minor improvements to 2D/3D performance in some apps
  • Bluetooth DPad/arrows do not rotate with screen
  • Battery stats now available to Android
  • Serial# now populated
  • Shorter hostname as a result of serial#
  • General wifi fixes
  • Preliminary Touchpad 4G support(no radio)
  • Status bar should take less resources after an app goes full screen
  • Possible fix for A2DP and wifi interference
  • Possible fix for SD card not mounting
  • Camera FPS improved but still nearly nonfunctional
[alert_box type=”Info”]You should use this guide to install it for the first time. If you are already on a build of CyanogenMod on your TouchPad, there another guide over here to upgrade your build.[/alert_box]

Make sure you have got the following files downloaded to your computer before going ahead with your installation. We would be using these files to install Android on your TouchPad.

Now, buckle up with your TouchPad and let’s just get the installation started!
  1. Download and Install Novacom from the link above, and extract the file. Make sure you extract it to the same folder where Novacom was installed.
  2. Now, Connect your TouchPad and mount is as USB Storage Device.
  3. Open your HP TouchPad’s folder from Finder or Windows Explorer and create a folder named cminstall
  4. Now, transfer the downloaded CyanogenMod’s zip file you downloaded above. Copy and paste the, and
  5. You’re almost done now. Just go to Settings > Device Info > Reset. This will reset your device and now, lets put the device to factory firmware mode.
  6. As soon as your screen goes black, hold the Volume Up button, Until you see the USB Symbol. Your device is now on a mode that can accept factory device firmware. Wait for sometime, and your computer will recognize your TouchPad after a few seconds.
  7. Now, open Terminal, and change the directory to your Novacom folder.
  8. Once you are on the Novacom folder, type the following command: novacom boot men:// < ACMEInstaller
  9. What next? That’s it! Your device will not have CyanogenMod installed properly on your HP TouchPad.
Having some issues with the installation or are there some bugs preventing you from using it? Let me know in comments, and I would help you out!
[Via Rootzwiki]
  • bryan123

    im having trouble with steps 7 & 8. can you please help?

    • hrwinter14

      In Step 7, on a Windows machine just open a CMD prompt and change to the directory: “C:Program FilesPalm, Inc”

      Step 8 has a syntax error in the command. The ‘men’ should be ‘mem’. Correct syntax: novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

  • hrwinter14

    Step 7, Open a CMD prompt on a Windows machine, go to path: C:Program FilesPalm, Inc

    On Step 8, the command has a syntax error, the ‘men’ should be ‘mem’. Correct syntax: novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller

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