How Android looked before and after Apple’s iOS?

Android phones looked more like a simple low-end mobile phone OS before Apple defined the mobile Operating System. This clearly shows that Apple has really defined the Mobile OS.

Google came up with their own Android OS, which they acquired few years back to compete with Apple and to probably show that Apple will always be the best in class.

Apple unveiled the first iPhone in 2007 and Google unveiled it’s Android device in 2009 to compete with iOS. Android got the attention it ‘wanted’. The pictures below will clearly show you on the “Who copied who” conspiracy between both the companies.

And Apple would clearly win this battle for all the handwork it has done and it has been doing so far. Even on Steve’s passing the company looks strong and the company now clearly know who it is and what it has to do. The UI which Android has before iOS came into picture was shabby and it sucked so much that there was so much complexity using the phone.

Thanks to Daring Firewall for posting this pic and showing us the difference between who the ‘Real’ hero is. Google, you FAIL once again! Sorry!

Android OS' interface in 2007

The above image is the Android’s prototype in the year 2007. You now know how it looked originally. And then, in June 2007, iPhone came out. Google got their hands-on with it. Copied the beautiful typographical interface that Steve mastered. Showed the world that they can innovate only in Search algorithms. Told they can even copy the iOS and leave it Open Sources with some malware in it. And now, they think they are successful!

The T-Mobil's G1 phone with Android in it in 2008

The image above is the copied Android interface that is now running on millions of devices. Regardless of it’s popularity, all the credits goes to Apple and it’s iOS team. You appreciate an Android device, and the credit automatically goes to Apple. Kudos to Apple for defining what a mobile platform is. Sorry to be too much inclined to Apple. But think deep, you will know how much it hurts for Apple on being copied.

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