Five new exploits found in A5 chipsets. iPhone 5 jailbreak imminent

P0sixninja has confirmed that the team has found five new exploits in Apple’s A5 chipsets and Greenp0ison runs smooth on iPad 2.

@P0sixninja of the Chronic-Dev team has confirmed at MyGreatFest event that they have found Five new exploits in the Apple’s A5 chips. The A5 chips are currently used by iPad 2 and also is expected to be used by iPhone 5.

The team is happy to have found this large number of exploits in one chip and this is a low-level bootrom exploit. These low-level exploits cannot be patched by a simple update to iOS but can only be patched by modifying the hardware.

It would be tough for Apple to fix this low-level exploit since it would take a lot of effort for the Cupertino based company to revise the hardware. One thing we can clearly get from this announcement is that the upcoming iPhone 5 will be pwned for life if they use Apple’s A5 chip.

Thus, iPhone 5 with an A5 chip is expected to get an untethered Jailbreak soon after its release. May be a day or two or even hours after the iPhone 5 is in the hands of the dev team. And as reported earlier, the next jailbreak will be userland jailbreak and will be one of the most exciting and easy jailbreak ever. May be they are working on something like We need to wait and see.

  • manik

    what about untethered?

  • Aaron

    A jailbreak for life on iPhone 4s with A5 chip!!! No way!!!!! I love it

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