Apple sues Motorola for XOOM tablet

Apple is now suing its next copycat company, Motorola. This comes as no surprise since Apple has all the rights to sue all those whosoever copy their designs and patented works.

Apple sued Samsung, who was the first to do a brilliant copycat job in designing their Galaxy Tab and Galaxy series smartphones.

Apple is currently suing them an has placed a ban that Samsung will not be able to sell their next Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the Australian and European markets.


Apple has now filed a suite against Motorola now for XOOM tablet which Motorola unveiled recently. Apple is said to have filed a complaint at the District Court of Dusseldorf. It is the same court at which Apple has filed a lawsuits against Samsung.

Apple has also sued JAY-Tech, a company that has also allegedly copied Apple’s intellectual product designs. However, Motorola has not yet received any injunction, but JAY-tech has been put under some injunction until the case gets settled. The complaint is reportedly very well explanatory unlike the Samsung’s Lawsuit that Apple leaked before.

Looks like many, including LG will be facing some serious issues for replication Apple’s designs. And Apple is taking some action to protect its proprietary designs, pushing other companies to THINK, instead of copying others’ design.

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