How to present your paper at International Conferences?

Presenting your research paper at International Conferences are a pleasure and when it gets recognized, nothing can stop you from taking the next big step. The path to success of these big conferences are not very smooth. I presented my first paper at Students for Exploration and Development of Space International Conference 2007, at Vellore Institute of Technology. I was paid for my hard work and here are some of the tips that would pave way for definite success.

First things first. Follow a regular or most common pattern to approach the conference people. The most popular format is the professional IEEE Standard for format. You can read more about the IEEE format of the paper here.

Step 1: Select your topic:

The first step for you to prepare a paper is to select the right topic you would like to work (research) on. Always choose the topic which you are much interested in. There are a wide variety of topics for you to choose upon.

Below are some of the topics which I love to research on.

  • Nanotechnology
  • Space elevator
  • Cryptography
  • High performance networks
  • Image processing
  • Optical engineering
  • Virtual reality
  • Parallel computing
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Atomic computing
  • Nano robots
  • Nano satellites
  • Server Virtualization
  • Embedded systems
  • Open source software development

The above said topics are some which are mostly common and are interesting to work with. Start thinking from now on. The Brain is way to powerful to think of what needs to be done to change the world. And you’ll know at some point of time that your idea is not going to go waste.

Step-2: Working on your topic

This is the step, where you put your idea to work. You will have to do a lot of research on the topic you choose. There are various ways thru which you can work on your topic. At first, if you have got your idea clear, you will have to first check whether someone had already worked on the topic or idea that you are working on. There are a number of ways through which you can do this.

I use the following sites to check for the ideas, whether someone had done before. These are called as “patents”.

And now that you have found that your ideas are unique, you may proceed to Step-3. But, in case you find that your idea has already been used, try to understand it completely and improvise your idea so that it overcomes the flaws that are mentioned in the patent. Mostly they will be mentioned in the conclusion section of the paper.

Step-3: Making ready your ABSTRACT and PAPER

Abstract is the first thing which will be sent for any conferences or symposiums. The abstract is the complete gist of what your paper contains.

Always remember the following points before you submit your abstract. This is the general IEEE format of an abstract. The abstract must have a word limit of 150-300 words.

WORD LIMIT – 150 to 300 words


FONT SIZE – 12pt



ALIGNMENT – Justified

The complete format for abstract is given here in my next blog, “Complete format for abstract writing” (Please click this link).

Step-4: Send your abstract

Once you are done with your abstract, you are ready to mail it!! Here are some tips on mailing your abstract.

  • Be formal, use words like Respected sir/madam.
  • Use phrases such as “Please find the enclosed copy of my abstract in thins mail”, etc.

Some institutions may require you to send a hard copy of you abstract, along with the paper. You may need to enclose a letter with that sometimes. Check the organization or the website of the competition on how to submit your paper.

Step-5: Presenting the PAPER

This is the final thing of your hard work. You after all the formal procedures are over, you will be asked to present the paper at the place defined by the conference people.

You will have to make your slides in such a way that it reaches the audience clearly. Use bullets to number your points.

Make sure your slides do not have any irritating background colors. Use simple templates to make your slides.

Given below is the general format for a presentation. Follow this order for your slides strictly.

TITLE (With your name)











Almost 99.9% of the competitions follow the IEEE format for a paper. This is the sample link on how the IEEE format will look like.

IEEE Format (PDF File)

While presenting the paper, always have in mind that “YOUR PAPER IS THE BEST AMONG ALL AND YOU CAN WIN THE EVENT”. Be confident in yourself.

If you have any queries on presenting a paper, just shoot your questions in the comments section below.

The next post will be a complete detailed description about each and every step in detail.

  • Prakhar Agrawal

    Really Nice Article!

    • Thanks dude! Please do ask me if you have some doubts regarding this! 🙂

  • It Is Nice One . Actually I Want Guidelines regarding , how can i participate in national and international conferance ?
    i Dont Have proper idea that what should i prepare for that. and how to know that when and where such events organize . plz tell me. thanks.

  • It Is Nice One . Actually I Want Guidelines regarding , how can i participate in national and international conferance ?
    i Dont Have proper idea that what should i prepare for that. and how to know that when and where such events organize . plz tell me. thanks.

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