Jelly- A Tool for More Social Networking

Twitter founder finds a new tool to tell your friends what you are having for lunch.


Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, has revealed his new venture – Jelly. It is a service that would help you share with friends in your social media profiles; everything that you want to know.

Through its iOS and Android apps, Jelly uses photos and people from your social networks to get you answers. It is basically like Google, only more people-based. Plus you could not be sure if the answers you get are absolutely correct. In Google we trust. Only.

Say for example, you are eating this really expensive foie gras at your posh French restaurant, you could use some help in deciding what wines that will be best served with it, you can send use the app and send a picture of it to select or even all of your friends and get them to answer you back from this application.

The application starts up with a camera option that would let you click a photo of whatever it is that you want to ask about and send it to a group of people (150 or even 5000) who would then be able to answer you back. If you came across this insect that you had no idea existed, you click a photo and send it to your peeps and they let loose their knowledge of entomology on you.


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