iOS 7 How-To: Disable Parallax Wallpaper on your iOS device


Some people are not a big fan of the parallax wallpapers feature in the new iOS 7. Let’s now try to disable this feature in the new operating system for mobile from Apple.

iOS 7 comes with loads of new user and developer features. One such feature which was heavily marketed in the introduction video was the parallax effect for the wallpaper. While there’s another aspect for the developers for showcasing effect, this feature seems to be irritating for some. Here’s how to disable that feature.

Disable Parallax Wallpaper animation on iOS 7:

  • Open Settings > General
  • disable parallax wallpaper

  • Tap on Accessibility
  • disable parallax wallpaper-2

  • Just flip the switch on Reduce Motion
  • disable parallax wallpaper-3

And you’re done.

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