Dropbox announces DBX. It’s first independent conference for July 9th.


Dropbox has announced its own invite-only conference, DBX. People who wish to attend the conference should request an invite for $350.

Dropbox has been working so hard in getting their service to as many hands as possible for the past six years. The company, as we saw it, has been growing exponentially. And now, Dropbox is planning for a one day conference on July 9th in San Francisco.

The conference, which is called DBX, is an invite-only event, where they are going to be talking about their platform features, helping out the developers with their APIs and much more. This invite-only process would start only if you request an invite for $350 via their website.

This conference might be important for the company, since they’re taking their business applications very serious. And with the recent launch of Dropbox for business, this move makes sense. While we are not expecting any big launch during the conference, this conference might be of much use for the developers who’re looking out to leverage their applications and services using Dropbox’s APIs.