Here’s Michael Dell’s Open Letter to the customers.

michael dell dell open letter

Dell went Private about a week ago, and the company’s customers have been worried since then. But now, Michael Dell has come out to post an Open Letter, stating his confidence level about this move, and also some reasons on why the customers need not worry about the company going Private.

Dell has stated in the letter that taking the company private would help them innovate and invest in the growth of the company, and still, Dell would focus on providing the best customer experience through its products. Off late, Dell has been focusing on reinventing the company by producing smaller computers, that would be sized just like a Pen Drive, and would still run Windows, Mac or even Google Chrome OS in them.

While Michael Dell would still be the CEO of the company, he has assured that the company would grow via organic and inorganic investments. Here’s the entire letter that Michael Dell posted today:

To Our Customers,
The agreement to take Dell private represents an exciting new chapter for our company and for you, our customers.

As always, our unwavering focus is on delivering a fantastic customer experience and creating value for your organization. We believe that our proposed new ownership will provide long-term support to help Dell innovate, invest for growth and accelerate our transformation strategy. We’ll have the flexibility to continue organic and inorganic investment and drive industry-leading innovation.
We’ve made solid progress over the past few years. Our leadership and our strategic execution have been consistent, as we’ve built a comprehensive portfolio to help you succeed. Secure, easy to manage, end-to-end solutions from the cloud to the data center to devices remain at the core of our value proposition to you.


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