Former CEO of InternetNZ, Vikram Kumar is now the CEO of Mega.

The announcement was made by the Interim CEO, Tony Lentino.

kim dotcom and vikram kumar ceo mega

Kim Dotcom’s Mega, today announced that Vikram Kumar, former CEO of InternetNZ and Entrepreneur would now serve as the CEO. Vikram would now be replacing  Tony Lentino, who was the interim CEO of Mega.

Following the launch of Mega, back in January 2013, the service has shot to fame with a huge number of user base, and an unimaginable number of files that are being shared with the service, in a very short span of time. Now, the company’s Interim CEO, Tony Lentino, is set to take his position as the Director with the company, and leave way for the new CEO, Vikram Kumar.

Mr. Vikram Kumar has been the CEO of InternetNZ for about three years now, and has a keen interest in serving for the non-profit organizations. InternetNZ is a non-profit organization, that aims at establishing an open Internet using the .nz domain names.


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