Twitter’s Vine app lets you share 6 seconds videos with your friends.


Twitter today released a new video sharing app called Vine, which lets the users share videos of length 6 seconds and play that in an infinite loop, either on Twitter’s website or on the Twitter app.

Vine was acquired by Twitter earlier last year (October 2012), and until today, there was no word about what was going on. But today, the largest micro-blogging service, Twitter launched the Vine app for the iPhone, which lets the users shoot and share 6 seconds videos with their friends and family on Twitter.

Twitter already enabled its own image sharing service, and this move of bringing short videos (Can we call it micro-Videos?) is pretty interesting. While there are a lot of video sharing apps on the App Store, like Viddy, Telly, etc., Vine is set to compete with the existing video sharing applications.

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