This is probably the best Facebook redesign concept you’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 9.05.02 PM

Facebook has not undergone so many changes when it comes to the UI for the past year, and this is a concept by Fred Nerby proves that the social network can work a lot better when it undergoes redesign.

The current Facebook design is good and minimal. But then, it sucks for so many designers who live in a rich UI world. When compared to the Google+, in some aspects, Facebook falls short of the fluidity that the social network has. Here’s a concept design by Fred Nerby, who posted the pictures on Behance.

These designs would definitely tempt the designers there at Facebook. Let’s now dive into the beautiful design made by the brilliant designer. Before that, here’s a video:






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  • viswaprasath

    i m waiting. really cool design…

  • Venky Narayanan

    Facebook will never accept this design, there virtually no place to put ads. And another flaw is that even the above style of posts in newsfeed looks good,it will be very tiring to go through tons of posts.