LG pushes Apple to 3rd Position with 13 percent smartphone marketshare.

lg apple battle

LG USA has reportedly pushed Apple to the third position with a 13% marketshare in the country. While Apple is holding a 12% marketshare in the US. This is the first time that LG has pushed out Apple since the iPhone 4S launch. Thanks to the demanding sales of Optimus G in the US.

This is the market works. Isn’t it? Apple does not always have to be the only company with a huge smartphone marketshare in the US. Apart from Samsung, which holds a 33% marketshare in the US, it was LG and Apple which was competing silently to take the second position. But now, atleast for the last quarter, LG has kicked out Apple from its competition, taking the second position in the US’ smartphone marketshare.

LG had a really good time selling their Optimus G to the customers, and they’ve successfully sold over a million units since its launch, last quarter. And this was the gamechanger for the company, since it sold about a million units during the holiday season. The news first came out from Yonhap News and we got this news via TNW.

Here’s a quick quote from Yonhap News:

“According to Hong Kong-based Counterpoint Research, mobile phones by LG Electronics recorded a share of 13 percent in December in the United States, beating Apple Inc. with 12 percent. The No. 1 player was retained by Samsung Electronics Co. with 33 percent.”

Image Via: BGR