Everything you need to know to update your device to iOS [A Complete Guide]


iOS updates are released pretty often, and here’s how you could update, solver update errors, get direct (resumable) download links and other essentials before you update your device to the latest software. 

Apple unveiled the next big version of iOS at this year’s WWDC, and its been in the developer beta for a while, and now, it’s reaching out to the developers. iOS 6 comes with a lot of new features, and with some much needed improvements. Moreover, Apple is bringing iOS 6 to iPhone 3GS before it is put to rest, after three full years of support from both developers and the company.

But wait, you’re now excited right? So, how are you going to update your device to the latest iOS? Here’s a quick guide to safely update your device to iOS and make sure you get your hands-on with the new iOS by following the process really clean.

Downloading iOS updates (OTA / Direct Download)

There are multiple ways in which you could download the latest version of iOS. But then, its up to you to decide on which method would best suit you. Let’s now take a quick look at how you could download the iOS updates:

Direct Download:

This is probably the best method for those who does want to do a clean install on their device. In this method, you’re going to be downloading the iOS software, which comes as a IPSW file from the Apple’s servers. You can either download it via iTunes or via the direct .ipsw links that I’ve provided here. Ig you’re going to be downloading the software update via iTunes, here’s how you could do that:

How to download iOS updates via iTunes?

  1. Follow us to know if a new version of iOS is available
  2. Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows and make sure you’re connected to the internet.
  3. Now, connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer
  4. You’ll instantly get a notification if a new software is available. Alternatively, you can click on the Check for updates button in your device information screen.
  5. And bingo, your download will start and the size of the download depends on the device you have.

Once the download initiates, you can follow the download process in the Downloads tab from the left sidebar. You can very well pause the download and resume later, or just leave it till the end.

What can you do when the download is in progress?

There are some important and interesting steps you could do when the download is still in progress. Here’s a checklist that would help you have a pleasant update pathway:

  • If you’re in the middle of some conversation, tell your friends that you’re going to be upgrading the OS and you’ll not be available for the next few minuted after the update starts.
  • Make sure you backup all your data to your computer. If you’ve got a iCloud backup enabled, make sure you hit the Backup Now button under Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backup now.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the backup. And make sure you’ve got some good pair of cables, so that it does not ruin the hardware while the update is in progress.
  • Alternatively, you can prepare for the update, and keep reading this article and have it in your buffer memory, so that you don’t have to look at the monitor screen for every step.
  • You can also let me know that you’re in the process of updating the iOS via Twitter (@ImKarthikK) or Facebook (ImKarthikK)

How to update iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch without iTunes?

I’ve already written an article on this earlier. You can refer to this article to know how you could update your iDevice via Over-The-Air feature.

Updating the OS after download:

If your device is still connected to iTunes even after downloading, then the update should start instantly, asking you the permission if it can proceed with the update or not. And from then on, the magic happens. You’re device will go blank, and after a short while, you’ll see the Apple logo with a neat progress bar below the logo. This is just normal. Give it sometime, and don’t panic.

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