Google takes a group of people for ‘Google Glass Walk’. Publishes more photos of Project Glass!


Project Glass has been getting all the attention it needs. And now, looks like the company has taken with them a group of people for a walk called Google Glass Walk. The team has also published a now published 25 photos of people with Google’s Project Glass. They were probably shot with those glass it seems!

The Project Glass is considered to be one of the best innovation in recent times and is continuously exciting people about this technology. But now, after a lot of teasing, Google has taken out a team of people who went in for a walk, clicking photos of each other (hands-free) and also having a lot of fun with this new device.

Chris Chabot, Google+ Developer Relations posted a series of new photos taken using Google Project Glass. May be they are now being called Google Glass instead of Project Glass. We also heard from a close source that the device would be seen in abundance at Google IO 2012 this year.

Here’s what Chris says about the new Google Glass Walk:

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to take a very small group of our friends on a very special photo walk where they could try out +Project Glass.

I think the general reaction for anyone who got to put them on was whoah, we’re in the future already it’s such an exciting project and to imagine what will be possible with these in the future, is like reading a scifi story, to me it’s right up there with self driving cars and jet packs, apparently the future really is now!

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