iOS devices to have projectors in future [Apple Patent]


A latest patent from Apple reveals that iOS devices will soon be having projectors in them and will enable Shared Workspace system for collaborative projections.

Apple has been aiming big on their iOS devices and the latest patent revealed that Apple is planning to integrate projectors into their products. Looks like Apple has had this plan of integrating projects in their devices right from 2009.

This news comes from Patently Apple, and the patent describes how exactly Apple will integrate the projector system into their devices. Another interesting thing to note from the patent is the ability of iPhone, iPad or MacBook to detect gestures to navigate through the presentation.

apple projector patent 1 aug 11 416x238 iOS devices to have projectors in future [Apple Patent]

This might also be a hint that Apple has plans for motion sensing gaming on their devices. The Shared Projected Workspace is another huge innovation, where two or more people will be able to share their presentations and share content just through gestures. The patent reveals:

[quote] Two or more projected displays, each from a separate electronic device, may be displayed proximate or adjacent to one another to produce the shared projected workspace. Images displayed on one of the projected displays within the shared workspace may be transferred and/or copied to another projected display within the shared workspace. [/quote]

Apple is aiming high on this technology. And let us expect some projector integrated iOS devices in years to come!