Google+ signups are now open!! [Updated]

Google has opened the signup for everyone. Even though this is not official and this gets on and off sometime. Google is testing their Social Networking platform for the final release.

The internet crowd has been shouting a lot about Google+, which is Considered to be the rival for Facebook, but it is not, according to me. The new platform was invite only earlier and looks like Google has hit the shore and has reached the final stages of testing. Currently (as of 9:30AM +5:30 GMT), everyone is able to signup, but it is not constant.

[alert_box type=”Success” icon=”No”] Update: Google has opened the invites again. (As of 9:15 AM +5:30 GMT) [/alert_box] [alert_box type=”Success”] Google opens the invite system and the open signups for all at 9:00 AM IST. Grab your invite at that time. And it is quota based. [/alert_box]

The signup went off for about 5 minutes and then came back on. Google will announce the platform to everyone today probably. Incase you are not able to signup, give this post a shot and let me know, so that we could try out if the Signup bypass hole still works.

[alert_box type=”General”] This is still in testing. And they might take this down anytime. Keep trying for it. [/alert_box] [alert_box] Read about How to login to Google+ without invite? [/alert_box]
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  • Debashis Das

    pls do send me a request

  • Lucky Jaiswal

    I am a new user !!

  • JD G

    please send a request

  • Tim

    Please send a request

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  • Karthik.K

    Google has temporarily disabled the invite system. I will update you as soon as Google opens up the invite again!

  • Anuranjan Verma

    pls send me invitation..

  • maaz

    hey… please send me an invite.. i need to join google+ …. have been hearing about it alot lately..
    i’ll be waiting for your reply.. thnx.. :)

  • John

    Please send me an invite

    • Karthik.K

      Hi John,
      This was verified by many people and many were able to sign-in using their Gmail ID into . Please try this! :-)

  • Laren

    Please, Thank you!



  • binu kurian


  • Diego

    Can i get an invite please,

  • Nicole

    Please send invite :( Danosmom at gmail dot coom

  • Karthik.K

    I’ve sent invites to all those in this thread! :-)

  • Nicole

    :( I don’t see mine…. I accidentally put danosmom at gmail dot “coom”… I hope you realized it was a typo… I am soo sad this morning… Thank you for the thought…

  • Amaka

    please i need and invite to join the social network

  • http://facebook anant prakash

    pls send me request

  • maaz

    i don’t see my invite anywhere in my inbox… :s

  • robin

    hey could u pls send me an invite?my id is in advance :)

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  • maaz

    my id is
    please send me an invite on this id..
    thnx :)

  • curious

    could u send me an invite as well?
    very curious to check it out.

  • curious

    hey. i would very much appreciate it if you could send an invite my way aswell. very curious to check it out.

  • jaldeep

    plz send me invitation 4 g+….

  • tseven

    please invite me 2 G . my email address :

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  • Azharudeen

    Please invite me for g+

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