How to adjust sound balance on iPhone/iPad/iPod

We have been posting some tips and tricks of using iOS 5 to the fullest, like How to sync your contacts with iCloud. This tip will enable you to adjust the earphone’s sound balance on your iPhone or iPad or iPod running iOS5. This helps when you have got a defective headphone, that would have low volume on one ear piece alone. Here’s how you can do.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Springboard.
  2. Go to General > Accessibilityadjust iphone sound balance 1
  3. Scrolls a little down and you will see the option to adjust the Balance to either Left or Right.adjust iphone sound balance 2
  4. If you want to reset this, you will have to manually adjust the slide towards the center, and it will automatically sit at the middle.
  • Manik

    Did you burn Ios5 beta on yours?

    • Karthik.K

      Yes! :-)

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  • Irfan420

    I haven’t used S-Voice, so I cannot know. I downloaded the new iOS and Siri sounds a bit subdued in it – almost like she has a cold. May be it is because they want Siri to sound differently on a beta version.

  • ipad tutorial

    This is a quick tips that you shared here. A lot of people who uses an iPhone or iPad didn’t know how to adjust its sound. Now its time for us to learn this simple tips you provide us esp to all of the gadget users.

    • Karthik.K

      Nice that these tips were useful for you! :)

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