Kinect + iPhone = Awesomeness [Endless Fun]

Kinect and iPhone

We’re here again with another post that’s unveiling the power of Microsoft Kinect. We’ve already covered the power of Kinect such as

But this time, with a difference. A company named Rockmoon has created a completely different Kinect experience using the Unity engine’s game development code to integrate both iPhone and Kinect. The demo which they’ve showed is a two player prototype, in which one player controls the Aircarft with Kinect and the other controls with the iPhone.

Kinect and iPhone Kinect + iPhone = Awesomeness [Endless Fun]

Here’s the video demo of the iPhone + Kinect:

The company states that this game is in the initial stage and will update about the progress as and when they’ve got some. I think this might make rounds around the pro-gamers in a while when the game comes out!