Windows 7 – The OS to fall in love with!


The shouts are dulling out. And those voices that were screaming about the bugs in Vista are now diminishing. All these happened after the Official release of the all new “Windows 7 Beta”. The beta version of Windows 7 was released at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2009, held from Jan. 8th to Jan. 11th at the Las Vegas. The Windows 7 Beta was shown at the spot light to the public on 9th Jan. 2009. It was a big day for Microsoft, after its major release, Windows Vista. Now that to review Windows 7 Beta, I am moving on with the following equation: “Power of XP + UI of Vista = Windows 7”. The build that has come out for the public is the Build 7000, which is much closer build to the release candidate.

091024 windows7 Windows 7 – The OS to fall in love with!

The Windows 7 Beta build is reasonably stable and also has a really very user-friendly User Access Control (UAC) than Windows Vista. I have been running Windows 7 Beta since 9th January with no major issues, when compared to the Windows Vista RTM build. Now moving our talk towards the features, Windows 7 has got some very cool feature that we should look at.

Installation :

The Windows 7 installation took about 20 mins. For a laptop with 3GB of RAM, 2.0GHz of Processor. Windows 7 has a new interactive Setup routine, as like the installation of Vista. Between fewer screens and some performance tweaks, Windows 7 installs more quickly than does Windows Vista and that’s particularly noticeable when you install the build in performance-challenged virtual machines.

Using Windows 7 Beta:

I felt that Windows 7 Beta has a very nice and comfortable user interface better than Windows Vista. The taskbar is much improved and easy to use. Just compare the taskbar of Windows 95 and now turn your head towards Windows 7 taskbar. And now, despite the typical Microsoft’s Start menu, Microsoft has extended the taskbar over the years. The new taskbar is now improved and has got a very nice grouping system, which groups many windows into one single icon. Turning the spotlight towards the tray icons, it’s now customizable!! And yes, you can drag them, rearrange them, pull them out and do whatever you need on the taskbar!! It’s your OS BTW!! icon razz Windows 7 – The OS to fall in love with!

I have been using Windows 7 from day one (Both legal and illegal releases) and have I hardly found problems in the OS. And the highlights of the OS are :

  • Fast Boot up time
  • Easy and fresh UI
  • New Aero features
  • New Windows XP mode
  • Live ID Integration, etc.,

I know you folks would have experimented it already. But I was just curious to share my experience about Windows 7 to you all!! Bug reports are welcome even here in the comments section!! :).